I have developped a tic.

a CTRL+S tic. 

Help me.

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thank u

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sluttyturtlenecks said: good luck!

Thank you!! I will NEED itttt.

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Last chapter. Last fucking chapter. Last FUCKING CHAPTER. 


girls are beautiful and lovely i thank the lord for girls every day

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I do it for the fanart. Honestly. 

Imagine the honor of knowing you’ve managed to inspire other people to do beautiful things.

Torn between wanting to finish this chapter and not wanting to finish this chapter because this is the second to last and i have issues and i really dont want to star editing because its scary

When I cheat on my tree bf

  • me: I'm sorry babe I love u
  • bf: just go. leaf.

A writer is the sum of their experiences.
Go get some.

The best advice I ever received, and I haven’t looked back since.  (via acupofkeen)

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*writes like three sentences*

*rewards self*


Taken in tokyo on JAM’s hasselblad, One of my favorites, and I think you can tell its film and not digital, certainly on the printed version we have here at home.